Children Swimming Lessons at KS SwimSchool

At K S SwimSchool our aims are:

  • To teach children to learn to swim in a fun and safe environment
  • To teach children how to protect themselves in pools rivers or even the sea
  • To teach children technically efficient strokes
  • To keep children fit and healthy
  • To make all swimmers feel safe and happy whilst learning
  • To encourage swimmers to continue to enjoy the water through synchronised swimming
  • To help kids make long term friends
  • To teach children core motor skills for a lifetime of fun and safe aquatic experiences!

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Monks Walk,
Welwyn Garden City,

Moss Hall,
N31 NR

Simon Balle,
SG13 8AJ


We have friendly fully qualified instructors who are able to give your child the dedication and encouragement needed to have fun and be confident in the water. We provide children swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.


We regularly assess the children through the ASA learn to swim program and kelloggs distance badges. This contains 7 stages and once your child completes all 7 stages we can offer synchronised swimming as a club for them to continue keeping fit and having fun.


We have maximum beginner class sizes of 8 with one teacher and one assistant. These small ratios give the children more of our individual attention to help them progress quicker and feel more comfortable with the stability of the same friendly teacher each week.
Each teacher will stay with your child into their next class and complete an assessment badge with them to praise their hard work and improvements!


In our children swimming lessons we aim for every child to complete an asa learn to swim badge or distance badge EVERY TERM! We thinks it's important to never hold the children back and progress them as quickly as they can!


Sunday - Monks Walk
12pm - 12:30pm
12:30pm - 13:00pm
13:00pm - 13:30pm

Monday - Simon Balle (Starting Feb 2018)
10.55am - 11.55am

Monday, Thursday - Finchley
4pm - 5:30pm
4pm - 5:30pm

Thursday - Simon Balle
4.30pm - 6pm

Friday - Finchley
4pm - 5pm